Roll up! Roll up!

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Our first boxes of stock arrived on Friday and we are delighted to announce that Frog and Gnome is now open for business! A lot has happened since that dreary afternoon in a deserted café on the beautiful Isle of Skye in 2011, where 'Frog and Gnome' was first dreamt up. In the last five years we've got married, had two children (with another on the way), moved house four times and left our very sensible 'conventional' jobs behind... so we have been busy! When we think about it like that, it's easy to see why it has taken the time it has to reach this point. But we are ready, finally, to have a jolly good crack at beginning a card business alongside our current photography business.


At the time of writing, our small semi has become a warehouse in miniature form, boxes are stacked high full of cards, envelopes, cello, etc. We're hoping, if we can sell a good number by the end of June, our boys will have the most magnificent cardboard den to play in (trash) for the summer! So have a look at what we've got and get buying! Please... :)


Finally, we are quite obviously brand new to all of this and would really value your feedback. So if you have any comments you think might be helpful to us, just ping us an email - we'd love to have your thoughts on our designs, card quality, and how useable the website is, etc. Don't hold back (she says, nervously...)! Thanks for visiting and we hope you'll check back regularly - we've got plenty more to come this year, and please don't forget to 'like' us on Facebook for updates! 

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