20th - 26th September, 'Send a card, deliver a smile'.

A week organised by The Greeting Card Association to prioritise thinking of others and to tell them by sending a card! Just like Valentine's Day is not the only day of the year you can show someone you love them, Thinking of You week is not exclusive to one week in September and is rather an all -year/whole-life kinda thing. However, despite this, we agree that having a focused week to aim to send a few cards and spread some warmth and care is so important. Especially this year, when so many have felt isolated, we have all been far more physically distant, and life has been very stressful for most. 

So we've made up some bundles of 'Thinking of You' cards at an extra special price, to make card-sending easy for you. We've put 7-10 cards into each pack, why not send them early and start a Mexican wave of card sending amongst friends and family?

Grab yours now!