A Pembrokeshire Christmas - Wax Melts

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In Pembrokeshire, they do things a little differently - this is not your average Christmas scent. Here is a truly unique blend combining the well-known cinnamon scent with orange, pine and melissa (lemon balm) - you're going to love these citrus overtones! They are also beautifully coloured naturally by the sweet orange oil. 

New to wax melts, I was happy to read of their eco credentials - requiring no packaging (besides a compostable cello for transport and storage) and because the wax is warmed gently rather than burned, the aroma is stronger and long lasting. The melts themselves also last a long time. I'm a convert. And my house has smelt like Christmas since I tested these melts. 

70g pack - 2 trees, they may be sliced rather than using a whole one at a time. 

Essential Oils: Cinnamon Leaf, Sweet Orange, Scots Pine, Melissa.

Caer Candles is a small business on the Pembrokeshire Coast run by none other than my lovely mum! In her little workshop she uses carefully thought-through essential oil blends and hand-pours her candles and wax melts using soy wax. They are vegan, free from any nasties (no synthetic colours or fragrances), just pure wax and essential oils. Her core values include high quality, eco-friendly, unique candles and we think she upholds these tremendously. 

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