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Loss comes in all shapes and sizes. We all experience loss or grief at some point, it can feel very lonely and overwhelming. As a friend or family member of someone experiencing loss, be that a family break-up, the death of someone close or shattered dreams - it's hard to know what to say or how to provide comfort.

This tin of 30 Bible verse postcards came out of a desire to send something to a friend experiencing great loss and finding there wasn't a lot besides flowers and pamper boxes. Whilst there is nothing at all wrong with these, we wanted to create something with a Biblical focus in the knowledge that in tough times like this people often either drift away or are drawn closer to God - who we believe brings healing to the brokenhearted.

This set of cards is designed to EITHER be given as a whole pack to a Christian who has experienced loss as a helpful and comforting resource for them, OR for you to use yourself whilst supporting someone who is grieving - working through these verses for yourself may fuel your prayers and prepare you to respond helpfully to the person you are supporting - and it may be that you want to send the postcards individually, perhaps using a different one each time you want to drop them a little note.

On the reverse of the cover card there is a brief and sensitive introduction including some ideas of how the cards can be used. The verses are divided into 6 sections:

  • cries of the heart
  • the Father who hears
  • up from the pit
  • strength day by day
  • affirmations of hope
  • bright hope for tomorrow

Each of the 30 postcards has a striped stone monochrome illustration and a Bible verse on the laminated side. The reverse side is left blank for a message like a regular postcard.

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