Make Your Own Eco Christmas Crackers Kit

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A kit containing everything you need to make a set of 6 planet-friendly Christmas crackers, all you need is to pop your choice of gift inside.

Our pet peeve is having to pay a fortune for Christmas crackers and still often getting a gift that is useless, broken, unwanted or lost before the end of Christmas Day. Last year we made and filled our own and we won't be looking back! There's enough to be getting on with in the run up to Christmas, so we've prepped this kit to make cracker making easy and enjoyable for all the family! Leave them plain or get creative - the kraft card can be painted or printed on before rolling.

We hope the process will be enjoyable and we wish you a Merry Christmas!

What's included?

  • 6 recycled kraft cracker boards. The overall length of the flat cracker blank is 356mm, when assembled approx. 276mm x 50mm dia. The central barrel length is 96mm.
  • 6 cracker snaps.  The material used in the manufacture is recycled and the factory is FSC certified.
  • 6 pearl gold cracker hats.  A 100% bleached, FSC certified, wood free paper is coated with a non-metallic mica-based coating. Recyclable, containing no plastic and coated with a water-based non-metallic coating.
  • 6 kraft name labels
  • forest green twine for tying the cracker ends
  • 6 slips with fun / interesting trivia

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