Himalayan Salted Caramels

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A Himalayan Salt & Madagascan Vanilla infused smooth caramel, enrobed in milk chocolate and hand-decorated with Pink Himalayan salt crystals. Crunch vs Creamy, Salt vs Sweet. What could go wrong? (absolutely nothing).

The boxes are made from luxury, heavy-weight card; not just beautiful, but ripe for repurposing too. Two cylinders are telescoped together, colour coded in contemporary pastels and packed with soft, hand worked, fresh whipping cream caramels, made in small batches, coated in milk chocolate and individually hand decorated.

Approx. W90 x H100 mm | 125g

Handmade and perfecting their technique since 1983, The Fudge Kitchen create these delights in small batches by artisans using only the finest, natural ingredients hand worked to a perfect taste and texture.

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