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Incomplete set of postcards - 29 postcards with nothing wrong with them at all, just one missing from the set of thirty and no cover card. These come with a paper bellyband.

The Christian life was never supposed to be easy - in fact Jesus tells His followers to expect exactly the opposite! Thankfully we don't have to face the trials of life in our own strength alone - as the classic hymn reminds us, through the storms 'He will hold me fast'. When life does gets tough we need perspective, and where better to find it than in God's word? How wonderful it is for the Christian that Scripture is full of amazing promises from God - promises that bring hope and comfort, promises to which we can cling when we're down, promises which we can claim before God in prayer. This collection of A6 postcards focuses on how God upholds His children. There are 30 cards - each has a rainbow illustration and a different Bible promise on each one. You can use them in lots of different ways - put them up around the house, use them to fuel your prayers, commit them to memory, or simply use them as postcards to send encouraging messages to friends giving them a 'word in season'.

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