Summer Puffins Bamboo Socks (3-7 UK)

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Our favourite sea birds - these puffin socks with pink shells feel like summer! Socks make the best gifts - fun and practical and you can never have too many.

Size 3-7 U.K.

SOCK TALK...socks to talk about. Sock Talk are passionate about creating socks with minimal environmental impact and are committed to choosing quality over convenience. They choose sustainable bamboo and cotton to create eco-friendly socks which feel fabulous to wear - soft to the touch and kind on the skin. Bamboo socks are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and thermo-regulating. Your feet will breathe naturally and will feel fresh, comfortable and remain at a pleasant temperature. Motivated by the world around us and their love of nature, Sock Talk design colourful bamboo socks to excite and delight. 

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