Tartan Soap Bar - Botanical Gardener

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The perfect gift, wrapped in a little bit of tartan, lovingly made in Scotland.

This scrubby soap contains a bounty of nature's botanicals! Made with lavender essential oil, golden jojoba oil, cold pressed avocado oil, bergamot essential oil, blue corn flowers, calendula, comfrey leaf and poppy seeds. All of these fantastic ingredients give this bar a clean, fresh, herby aroma. Gardeners, mechanics, and anyone with hard working hands will love this soap. Heaps of volcanic pumice make this bar seriously exfoliating, it will help to rid your skin of hard or dry patches. You can use it on your feet too.

SLS free and made from a vegetable glycerine base. Free from harsh foaming agents. This soap leaves the skin soft and cleansed. Cruelty free, paraben free, palm oil free. Vegan approved. 100g.

From the Edinburgh Bow Tie Company.

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